BPM 2013, Beijing, China

  • Best paper award
    • Chathura C. Ekanayake, Marlon Dumas, Luciano García-Bañuelos , and Marcello La Rosa: Slice, Mine and Dice: Complexity-Aware automated Discovery of Business Process Models
  • Best student paper award
    • Jorge Munoz-Gama (with Josep Carmona and Wil M.P. van der Aalst): Conformance Checking in the Large: Partitioning and Topology
  • Best reviewer award: Rafael Accorsi
  • Test of time award
    • Stefanie Rinderle , Manfred Reichert & Peter Dadam: Evaluation of Correctness Criteria for Dynamic Workflow Changes (2003)
    • Runner-up: Ekkart Kindler: On the Semantics of EPCs: A Framework for Resolving the Vicious Circle (2004)